What is G.E.E.K and why should I give you my money, which I could spend on better things; like weed or Snickers Ice-Cream bars?


Since the dawn of man, G.E.E.K has been protecting the world from the shadows; saving it’s unsuspecting denizens from the forces of SLICK and their selfishly nefarious goals. Whenever SLICK  rears it’s admittedly good looking head, G.E.E.K has been there to stop it.

Cut to now- and specifically, San Diego Comic-Con; where the current incarnation (and quite possibly it’s “Geekiest”) of G.E.E.K  -on the run and chasing after it’s kidnapped leader “Golden Age”- meets the most unlikely of new heroes- Obie… who is a stoner moron.

With Obie’s help, G.E.E.K manages to fend of SLICK (and SLICK agent George Lucas) and save countless lives, all the while earning Obie a vacant spot on the team. After a showdown with SLICK’s  leader C.E.O and his top soldiers, the team suffers a shattering loss and for the first time in history, G.E.E.K seems to be defeated.

Now that all the chips are on the table, Obie must step into the role that he thinks he was born to play (and that none of the team want him to assume); and G.E.E.K begins again- traveling the world to stop SLICK ‘s  evil plans and all-the-while trying to find their leader Golden Age. With Obie at the helm, can G.E.E.K really regain it’s former glory and save the world as it has been doing for centuries; or will it all go down in a massive plume of (pot) smoke?