G.E.E.K- Limited Edition 1st printing


G.E.E.K- Limited Edition 1st printing


It's finally here!

The very limited edition first printing of G.E.E.K, the graphic novel you never knew you had to have but once you buy will wonder how you lived without.

For more wonderful writing like the above sentence, give me some of your money and I'll send you a copy of G.E.E.K!


What is Geek About?:

"Since time immemorial, two opposed forces have been waging a clandestine war over the fate of mankind. G.E.E.K; a government funded team of heroes made up of the world’s top “Super Geeks”, and SLICK- the evil and globe-spanning organization made up up the “1 Percent” that only exists to destroy G.E.E.K and their way of life.

With G.E.E.K.S leader kidnapped and SLICK getting the upper hand, the world’s only hope may be an accidental new recruit with a penchant for weed and comic books. They may not be the strongest, they may not be the smartest; but they’re definitely the nerdiest… and they’re all we’ve got."

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